The Naked House in Koh Samui

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Nov 2014 12:04 am | Homes

The Naked House is entitled this way due to the remoteness of its location on the Koh Samui Island in Thailand perched atop a hill on a less inhabited part of the island.

The beautiful villa can be rented for only 250 dollars per night and has a capacity of up to six persons with an aesthetic inspired by the glamour of the 1950s but with all the conveniences of contemporary times such as the WiFi, laundry service or air conditioning.

The project was created by the owner who is a photographer and self-taught architect who aside from raising the structure also took care of the furniture, lighting, doors and windows. Although the villa is surrounded by abundant vegetation it offers easy access to food markets and nearby temples as well as to the beach which is at a five minute walk.

The living area can become a covered outdoor space to connect with the terrace and infinity swimming pool. The three bedrooms each come with their private bathroom and you have a great view toward the sea.


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