Museo Soumaya by Fernando Romero EnterprisE

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Feb 2016 1:34 am | Museums

Mouseo Soumaya is one of the landmarks of Mexico City and it was commissioned by the business magnate Carlos Slim Helu as an art museum housing his private collection and thus giving the city access to one of the most significant art collections in the entire Latin America.

The project was designed by Fernando Romero EnterprisE (FREE) which is led by Helu’s son-in-law and its façade was originally considered impossible to build being covered in 16000 hexagonal aluminum tiles to create a reflective exterior that is reminiscent of serpent’s skin.

The structure is supported by 28 curved steel columns and stabilized with seven ring beams while the top of the museum is flat and suspended by a cantilever streaming through a large skylight on the top floor which is the only source of natural light for the museum since there are no windows to speak of.

The museum opened in 2011 and its cost was over 70 million dollars but it also includes a library, gift shop, restaurant and an auditorium.



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