Moscow Flat by TS Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Mar 2016 2:25 am | Apartments

This beautiful apartment is located in Moscow, Russia and its interior was designed by Taras Bezrukov and Stas Samkovich from the TS Design studio.

Spreading over a surface of 52 square meters, the apartment has an open design with one bedroom, a kitchen, living room, bathroom and a dressing room. The open space allows the inhabitants to move around through different routes thus adding functionality and a brighter interior.

The living room is bright and features an elegant design in which the central element is a blue sofa. There are three black coffee tables adding contrast and the mosaic carpet and painting with a floral motif above creates a complete setting.

The palette through the rest of the apartment is neutral, except the bathroom which has an aquatic theme, but there are large and elegant lighting objects which provide the typical royal Russian ambiance to increase the overall splendor of the interior.



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