Mölle House by Elding Oscarson

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Aug 2014 10:53 am | Homes

Located in Molle, Sweden, this residential project offers a minimalist two floor structure designed by the architect Elding Oscarson in 2013 for a single family.

The region of Molle was once considered a landmark for forward thinking since its beach was one of the first to allow men and women on the same surface, but later on the inhabitants became less inclined to experiment. The architect wanted to revive the original spirit of the place through an open-minded design that would fit the region with a low volume and a terrace that has a view of the ocean.

Instead of orienting all the rooms toward a single view the designers implemented a shape that divides the site into several outdoor spaces so that the possibilities would multiply, combining stone and brick walls with various types of vegetation. The idea of the volume was to give the impression of a fragmented whole with striking angles.



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