Mohnani Duplex Penthouse by ZZ Architects

By : Mark V | 17 May 2016 5:36 am | Apartments, Interiors

The firm of ZZ Architects in Mumbai, India designed the Mohnani Duplex Penthouse project in their city of residence. Sumptuous, modern and stylish the house has everything and each room is decorated in a specific style and manner offering variety and inspiration.

The living room has a glass dome as a ceiling offering extra light and together with the glass panels increasing the space and view. There is also a water fountain traversing it, along with a line of maroon sofas adding extra color to the room.

The dining room is decorated with walnut panels on one of the sides while the other offers large windows and glass cabinets to let the room feel more spacious and also increase the illumination.

The penthouse also has a terrace that links to the living room and it offers the impression of it hovering above the surface. It presents a blend of green grass and wood to offer the feeling of being closer to nature and add extra life to the room. At the end of the terrace there is a bar which presents a panorama of the Mumbai coast.

Next to the dining area there is the lounge, paved with Satvario translucent marble and thus continues the living room design and still offers another ambiance to this area.

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