Modular Library Studio by 3rd space

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Jan 2014 1:19 pm | Other

This Modular Library Studio was designed by the 3rd space architectural practice for a literature professor living in Oxfordshire, England and it follows the trend of building different annexes separate from the main home so that you can have extra piece and quite while working or relaxing.

The original purpose for the project was to have a place where the owner could store her book collection, but due to the flexible design, the library can become more than just a storage area. The structure was prefabricated and thus it can be easily repurposed or even taken apart to be moved to another spot.

The structure was built in only five days and its exterior is clad in black thermowood to ensure a cozy temperature. The tones predominating are black and white, with the interior covered in white birch plywood and the glass covers on one of the sides allows sufficient natural light inside.



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