Modern Villa in Israel by Uri Cohen Architects

By : Mark V | 16 Jun 2015 10:15 pm | Homes

The Uri Cohen Architects designed the villa on a historic heritage monument on the first street in Yessod Hammala, Israel. No harm was done to the site, all history of that area was preserved, making this modern villa even more imposing standing out from the rest of the villas around it. The area, being of such historical importance, is also visited by many tourists, being one of the favorite tourist spots in Israel.

The house holds an advantage, since it can be extended in the future and turned into a luxury hotel or maybe even into a mall. The architects have been quite creative when designing the house, offering endless possibilities when it comes to division and use. The villa can function as 3 living units: it can host guest rooms; it can also function as a hotel or as a leisure space or commercial unit.

There is also a spacious outside living area, especially created for relaxation. The architects added a touch of modernism using the “floating box” concept. This addition can be found above the ground floor. It gives the inhabitants the privacy they want and it also protects them from the sun.

The house is a beautiful combination between past and the present-preserving the historical heritage, but also adding the element of innovation. The “box” is supported by stone fences.


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