Modern Vancouver house by Randy Bens Architect

By : Mark V | 1 Apr 2013 9:26 am | Homes

The firm of Randy Bens Architect designed the House on Chiliwack Street located in the city of Vancouver in Canada.

The initial project was just to extend the original 1950s house with a new level but some external factors led to the removal of the house so that the construction started anew. The new building, due to these factors, tries to hint at the old one through its design and offers a combination of contemporary design and the older architecture on the exterior.

To the original design were added a new bedroom, an office, en suite bathroom and a deck. The exterior uses cedar siding to offer warmth and also make the rough curves feel a bit more natural, while the interior of each cube has bluestone as a contrasting material.

The interior uses simple design such as white walls, oak furniture and bluestone on the floors offering more volume to the rooms through the carefully placed windows and the ceiling height.

[Randy Bens Architect]

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