Modern And Traditional Apartment in Trastevere by Archifacturing

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Mar 2014 6:34 pm | Apartments

The Archifacturing practice designed this studio apartment in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, Italy with a combination of classical and contemporary elements and an overall cozy atmosphere that is also highly efficient.

The apartment spreads over a surface of only 38 square meters and this determined the designers to create a continuous layout to make the space seem larger while also allowing the rooms to communicate with one another and create an easy flow between the different sections.

The project was designed by Sara Cimarelli and Giorgio Opolka, adding custom designed furniture for the apartment so that several functions can be integrated into a single space, such as the sleeping area and living room which are on different levels to cover less space.

The kitchen area contains the most contrasting elements, combining minimalist contemporary and rustic traditional elements that coexist offering a harmony with stone walls and wooden beams on the ceiling.



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