Modern Taiwanese Apartment by Ganna Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Jan 2016 10:48 pm | Apartments

The Ganna Design studio created this wonderful eclectic apartment in Taiwan with the use of partitions to separate the distinct spaces without the need of completely closing them off so that the end result is an open and welcoming loft.

The decorative elements were carefully chosen so as to oscillate between the classical and the contemporary without taking up too much of the space in the process. The result is a carefully balanced space with plenty of room.

The kitchen is fully equipped and compact continuing with a dining area which features two geometric light fixtures that add a playful element to the mix. The house has a predominantly neutral palette with touches of bright colors to create a joyous and quite vibrant ambiance through additions such as the neon or orange lacquer.

The bedroom offers a view of the Eames rocking chair and aquamarine storage cabinet attracts attention while also providing abundant storage space.



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