Modern Private Residence by AR Design Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jul 2014 6:48 pm | Homes

The AR Design Studio created this modern residential project in Winchester, England to bring a breath of contemporary architecture into the neighborhood with a geometry that focuses on comfort and relaxation, using materials that integrate with the surroundings while also offering a cozy ambiance.

The exterior is clad in cedar with exposed dark gray brickwork to create a warm façade that ensures the privacy of the inhabitants on the roadside and opens to the backyard and to the beautiful landscape nearby.

The interior is arranged around a central garden and the layout was designed after conducting extensive research on the positive effects of good architecture to health, placing the windows to bring the spaces together.

Four interlocking boxes define the shape of the replacement house with the garden in the center, sheltering a single olive tree. According to the designers, the house follows the principle of 3 N to ensure Nature, Natural light and Natural air for a balanced living environment.



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