Modern Home Crafted From A Discarded Old Bus by Ward Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Aug 2013 2:24 pm | Other

The renovation and transformation of old buildings into new buildings such as theaters of exhibition spaces is a truly contemporary trend and in can go even further if you put your mind to it as the owners of this old bus make evident to us.

They took the bus from an old scrap yard and with the help of the Ward Design studio they renovated it into a contemporary and original home. Located in Even Yehuda in the Sharon region of Israel, the transformation didn’t cost very much and it provides a minimalist home with a metal floor and walls that make it quite attractive.

The interior hosts a small booth next to the wheel and a kitchen on the other side with wooden tones to make it cozier and more natural. The bathroom and shower areas have frosted glass doors and there is a wardrobe that links the corridor to the bedroom. The bedroom transforms into a couch during the day and the whole “house” has hot water and air conditioning.

In case you are interested, the owners wish to sell this house on wheels for the sum of 300000 dollars.



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