Modern Castle-Like Beach House in Malibu

By : Mark V | 22 May 2015 1:47 am | Homes

This house tries to combine the exterior of a medieval castle with the comfort of our modern life. And given its location we have to agree that the stone walls are a good idea in a warm environment.

Build on the Malibu beach, this house also has a swimming pool right next to it, together with a terrace. Although minimalistic in its exterior, the interior is ultra-modern, with extra-large balconies to give a perfect view of the ocean.

The living room has a fireplace, a small table with leather seats andexits right on the terrace. There is also completely equipped kitchen with a bar allure and these two together seem the ideal place for a party.

The bedrooms upstairs can be reached with a circular stair which leads to a suspended corridor overviewing the entire living room. Each bedroom is decorated in a different style,although each has a symmetry and consonance of colors that give peace and calm.


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