Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower in Tokyo, Japan

By : Mark V | 11 Feb 2012 8:58 pm | Featured, Skyscrapers

The Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower functions as an educational facility and it’s a 204 meters high skyscraper (669 ft) located in the district of Shunjuku, Nishi-Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan. Three institutions have found a home in this tower: HAL Tokyo (special technology and design college), Shuto Ikō (medical college) and Tokyo Mode Gakuen (fashion vocational school).

The Tower is considered to be the second tallest educational building in the world and it`s the 17th tallest building in Tokyo,after it was completed in October 2008. It received a very important award from for the Skyscraper of the Year in 2008.

Mode Gakuen set a competition in order to choose the best design for the future building and they had only one interdiction: they didn`t want the shape of the building to be rectangular. 50 architects signed up for the competition and Mode Gakuen had 150 proposals from which they had to choose only one.

Tange Associates were the winning team, with their beautiful cocoon like structure. They chose the cocoon because they think that the shape itself renders the idea of growth and this is what education does. The curved shell that makes the structure has an exterior made of dark blue glass and white aluminum that is criss crossed by white diagonal lines making the tower indeed look like a cocoon.

The Tange Associates wanted the building to function as a link between the Shinjuku Station and the Shinjuku central business district and they also wanted to revitalize the surrounding area with this sleek design. This campus can receive aprox.10.000 students and the tower is surpassed in height only by the main building of the Moscow State University when it comes to educational structures.

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