Ministry of Design’s Barcode Office

By : Mark V | 22 Oct 2015 6:37 pm | Interiors, Offices

The Ministry of Design from Singapore decided to have “a change of looks” so their own studio suffered some interesting modifications. Located at the meeting point of Singapore’s Chinatown and the CBD, the studio occupies 6 converted shop house units.

Singapore-based Ministry of Design has completed the design for their own studio. It’s a practical concept. The designers were guided by a sense of order and relevance. The colours chosen are neutral. The location of their headquarters was chosen out of practical reasons, the staff from MOD wanted to fit their business into one place, to fit on a single floor.

They wanted a single floor so no hierarchy would come out of it, no barriers or obstacles. The space is open to communication, it’s transparent, in this idea residing the innovative thoughts of the designers. The entire space is filled with circulation axes. They are formed with the help of linear sets of spaces that are found in the studio, in between the perimeter of twin datum lines.

The axes seem to be longer than they really are with the help of mirrored terminus points. The entire office looks like a barcode, a very peculiar effect created by the axes that turned into “catwalks”. The floor has a lot of functions: you can find meeting spaces, gallery spaces, a library etc.

There is a space between every department to highlight the division. The Gallery space can be flexible; it can be redesigned if the staff gets bored of its design. The idea of the designers was to create a space that enables further changes. The work areas are black and white on purpose because this neutral combination allows many creative additions. The library is different from the rest of the spaces since unfinished timber was used for it. It’s cozy, just perfect for relaxation.


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