Minghu Wetland Park by Turenscape

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Jan 2015 8:25 pm | Other

The Minghu Wetland Park was refurbished by the Turenscape architectural practice through regenerative design techniques that slow the flow of water through a channelized concrete river so that the park in Liupanshui, Guizhou, China can serve as an important part of the ecological infrastructure of the city through its multiple ecosystems, water cleansing as well as a great public space.

The city was built during the 1960s in a valley with limestone hills and the region began to develop problems such as water pollution, inundation and a lack of public spaces. All of these problems had to be taken into consideration and resolved through this new project and the designers used the water as the active agent in the regeneration of the ecosystem.

The project has a size of 90 hectares and the first phase was to renew the ecological infrastructure by draining the Shuicheng River basin, integrating the existing streams and wetlands into a storm-water management purification system. The concrete embankment was removed to revitalize the ecology and the designers added public spaces next to the pedestrian and bicycle paths to improve the access to the riverfront.


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