Memmo Alfama Hotel

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Dec 2015 8:54 pm | Hotels & Spas

The beautiful Memmo Alfama hotel is located in the oldest district of Lisbon, Portugal, namely Alfama, and it is just a short walk away from the Lisbon Cathedral and from the Sao Jorge Castle. The best way to reach the hotel is probably via the yellow tram 28 which stops close to the hotel and takes you through a tour of the most significant historical buildings in Lisbon.

The hotel is the first boutique hotel in the historic area of the city offering a stunning view and easy access to the shops and Fado restaurants. The style of the project is contemporary but it integrates very well with the surroundings offering a very high hospitality standard in each of the 42 rooms that overook the Tagus River and Alfama.

The hotel also includes a terrace, called simply the Memmo Alfama Terrace, with a wine bar and swimming pool combining the authentic Portuguese cuisine and wines with the wonderful view of the city.



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