Mayfair Private Spa by Lawson Robb

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Sep 2014 2:15 am | Other

This grade II listed building located in the underground of Mayfair, London was transformed by the architectural practice of Lawson Robb into a spa for a private client by reconfiguring the original project into a three way space leading to the swimming pool and gym spaces.

The designer explained that most clients take the inspiration for their new homes from what they see at the hotels they stay and thus it is quite appropriate for them to bring the hotel services into their own environments, as we see with this project.

The residence accesses the wine cellar through a stone staircase from the library and there is a pop-up bar hidden behind an onyx slab which can be opened with a remote control. There is a swimming pool in the spa, massage rooms, a sauna, steam room and a walk-in jet shower inside the other vaults.

The spa is illuminated with a glass bridge passing above the central well to permit natural light inside and there is also a plunge pool with a waterfall.


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