Matatena Offices by Desnivel Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Aug 2014 12:10 pm | Offices

Matatena is a creative drawing association and their new Headquarters in Mexico were designed by the Desnivel Architects practice as a unique office space that isn’t too formal but rather tries to offer a warm cozy environment for the employees.

The walls are made of white plaster and the interior ambiance adds wood and concrete for a contemporary ambiance with an open layout spreading over a total surface of 206 square meters. There are four working zones, a service area, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a boardroom and a reception. As an informal zone the designers included a café with a Starbucks logo that acts as a relaxation area and as a space where the employees can exchange ideas and interact with one another.

The working room has a double height and it acts as the connective zone to bring the whole interior together with a chaka tree adding a natural touch to the atmosphere.



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