Marronnier Park by METAA

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Dec 2014 7:26 pm | Other

The Marronnier Park in Seoul, South Korea was designed in 2013 by the METAA architectural practice as a public space for the community that also brings a unity to the urban landscape through the way in which it connects the nearby facilities.

The designers removed the unnecessary facilities so that only the needed information center and toilet remained as well as the outdoor theater to improve the cultural significance of the area. The landscape was also minimized to preserve the existing trees only and remove the shrubs so that “people can also be a part of the park” as the designers explained.

The simplification of the overall layout led to a more efficient setting without appearing as a courtyard for the nearby museum, theater and art committee. The structure of the space was created with the aid of the voronoi diagram which creates the mechanism beginning with the trees and continuing through the whole park area.


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