M House by Marcel Luchian Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 May 2013 7:16 pm | Homes

The M House is a single family home located in the town of Singera, in the Republic of Moldova and it was designed by the architectural practice of Marcel Luchian Studio based in Chisinau.

The design features a modern home with a minimalist interior that takes advantage of the location through careful illumination and use of materials such as glass or concrete. The exterior geometry is nonlinear and daring, using cantilevered areas and a contrast between the two levels to offer a connection with the surrounding and also make the top floor seem to float during the nighttime.

The interior uses neutral but elegant tones, mostly black and white, with a lot of textures to enrich the ambiance and it is also decorated with various plants and modern works of art.

There is also a large swimming pool outside with a lounge space for sunbathing or even al fresco dining.



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