M – Auditorium by Planet 3 Studios Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Dec 2014 9:51 pm | Other

M-Auditorium located in Central Mumbai, India was designed in 2014 by the practice of Planet 3 Studios Architecture as a venue where sound is of premiere importance so the structure itself tried to enhance its quality through simulated wave patterns created with parametric and computational design tools.

The auditorium has a capacity of 300 seats and the shape together with the materials chosen aim to provide an even sound quality while maintaining a low reverberation factor. The wood acoustical board transports the sound from the stage to the back of auditorium without any noticeable reduction of intensity and the contours of the ceiling add a sculptural element to the ambiance.

The natural tone of the wood has the highly contemporary grey and orange seats as a complement with a V layout to evoke the logo of the company. The illumination is ensured by LED contours that can be controlled to ensure easy access at the seats.


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