Lotte Jamsil Super Tower 123 in Seoul

By : Mark V | 21 Nov 2015 8:08 pm | Skyscrapers

The Lotte Moolsan Group has won an international design competition for its Lotte Jamsil Super Tower.The tower is the perfect 21st century image. It is modern and its interior and exterior design also combines elements from traditional Korean artistry. The skyscraper can be easily noticed not only due to its height- the 555-meter (1,821-foot), 123-story tower is located in a mountainous area; its modern looks being in contrast with the natural surroundings.

The Tower has several uses, being divided into many parts. It functions as retail, office-tel, hotel and at the top there is an observation deck. The first 9 floors are reserved for retail, the floors 11 to 47 are the office spaces, office-tel fills the floors 52 to 75 and the 7-star flamboyant hotel has the remaining floors-80 to 109.

The top 10 stories are especially reserved for public use and it also provides entertainment uses: such as a rooftop café where you can enjoy some free time or go there when you have a break and there’s also the observation deck from which you can gaze at the entire city since this is rumored to be the tallest building in Asia. It will be completed in 2014.

The design combines traditional and modern elements. It has a curvy, sleek form and it draws its inspiration from forms belonging to the Korean artistry. The interior also enjoys Korean ceramics, calligraphy and porcelain. The Lotte Moolsan Group wanted an elegant, modern tower but they also wanted to protect the environment.

Photo voltaic panels will be used, shading devices and also water harvesting systems will be attached to the sustainable design strategies. Wind turbines will be responsible for the ventilation, too. The project has mostly all the important zoning approvals and excavation is nearly done.

This design might actually get a LEED Gold accreditation because the Lotte Group commits to a ecological friendly environment. There will also be a seam that runs from top to bottom of the skyscraper, pointing to the center of the old city.


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