Loft Sangervasio by Massimo Adiansi Architetto

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Mar 2013 5:18 pm | Apartments

Located in an industrial district of the town of Brescia, Italy, this loft covers 250 square meters and offers a large and wonderful example of design and also an original restoration of a former garage.

Called Loft Sangervasio, the flat was designed by the practice of Massimo Adiansi Architetto and it was turned into a modern and functional space that also tried to maintain some of the original details to provide a unique combination while also preserving the historic traits of the building to some degree.

The materials used in the restoration were wood; brick, iron and stone, and the industrial elements reflect the building’s history while also providing a touch of contemporary eclecticism.

The flooring is made from old wine oak barrels to provide a special character to the space and the walls in the living area were left with exposed bricks that were painted white to give a combination of modern and industrial design. A spiral staircase was used here, offering a very fitting presence and also covering a minimal amount of space, and for these reasons another spiral staircase was used on the terrace as well to provide communication with the second level.



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