Loft 38 by Khosla Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Feb 2014 7:33 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Despite its name, Loft 38 is an entertainment hub in one of the the high life areas of Bangalore, Karnataka, India and it was designed by the architectural practice of Khosla Associates who also worked of the aesthetic orientation of the place choosing even the music genres which were to be played here.

The designers wanted to create a landmark hub for the music lovers with a varied music schedule that would bring respected DJs and bands from India and abroad to ensure a large entertainment spectrum so that the audience attracted would be as large as possible.

The shape of the venue is inspired from the Barn Architecture and it uses a large interior shape and a gable roof to create a theatrical space with the different levels interacting with one another through the clear line of sights. The space hosts a bar and a dance floor on the ground floor, while the other two levels contain the restaurant spaces and lounge which also act as galleries flanking the atrium and offering an overview of the dance floor.



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