Locomotive Ranch Trailer by Andrew Hinman Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Oct 2015 5:54 pm | Other

The practice of Andrew Hinman Architecture was employed to design the Locomotive Ranch Trailer in Uvalde, Texas and a part of this design comprised of the relocation of a vintage streamlined aluminum house trailer that the client owns and loves.

This house trailer needed to be moved on another spot owned by the family which overlooks the Nueces River and, since this place is right next to the river and has a fragile geology; special measures were required for the trailer foundation so that it wouldn’t be the subject of terrain movements or floods.

The designers used a cradle with a steel frame that fits right in with the other rain barns or equipment sheds, so that the trailer could be lifted above the flood plain and thus provide a safe and wonderful view of the river with access to the fishing and swimming hole.

There is also a concrete blockhouse anchoring this cradle that hosts the utilities and storage areas along with a bathroom and bedroom.



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