Lloyd’s Inn by FARM

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Aug 2014 6:36 pm | Hotels & Spas

Lloyd’s Inn located in the Shopping Orchard Road District of Singapore is a boutique hotel designed by the FARM architectural practice bringing the structure up to contemporary standards while also providing a rebranding for the hotel with a new website design.

The beautiful project combines classical and minimalist features for a strong connection with the city and natural environment surrounding it. Only raw materials were used with no ornamental features to make the simplicity of the hotel speak for itself and allow the trees nearby to stand out.

The logo of the hotel was also modified to represent the individuality of each traveler, so there are no two letters alike. The angular geometry of the exterior was preserved while the interior is highly contemporary, with white walls, ceiling and large windows combined with wooden flooring for a touch of color.

Abundant glazing provides sufficient natural light to the already bright rooms and there are views toward a natural setting from each window to create a relaxing experience for the travelers.



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