Linx Hotel International Airport Galeão by OSPA Arquitetura e Urbanismo

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Jun 2014 5:16 pm | Hotels & Spas

The Linx Hotel International Airport Galeao in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was designed by the practice of OSPA Arquitetura e Urbanismo in 2013 near the Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport to attract tourists, business people and persons in transit.

The hotel has two separate buildings to host the social areas and services in a separate volume from the apartments and they are connected through a walkway on the first two floors. The proximity to the airport imposed some height limitations and thus the ground floor hosts the operations to increase the number of units available.

The first volume has only two floors with a covered parking lot in front and this is where the reception desk, restaurant and café are located with a swimming pool on the mezzanine, a gym and a bar/restaurant.

The second volume contains the 162 apartments which spread over six floors and they are connected through two staircases and service elevators.



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