Leça do Balio School by aNC arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Aug 2014 11:48 am | Education

The Leca do Balio School in Portugal was designed in 2013 by the practice of aNC arquitectos for 200 children beginning their studies along with 40 kindergarten children. The project is next to a school for the second and third grade with the new building acting as the entrance to both institutions.

The building features a complex geometry with a slope organizing the outdoor layout and there are two parallel blocks to create room for the playgrounds. The indentations in the two blocks create two floor to ceiling heights for the classrooms and the cafeteria, gym and library.

The roof is completed by a large number of skylights that bring more natural light inside and determine the circulation spaces. The exterior combines materials like concrete with organic ones such as wood and cork to create a safe and solid structure with a diverse array of textures and colors that enrich the experience of those inside as well as that of the visitors.


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