Lavender Bay Boatshed by Stephen Collier Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 May 2013 6:25 pm | Homes

Located in Sydney, Australia, the Lavender Bay Boatshed was designed by the practice of Stephen Collier Architects in 2012 as a space that tries to reflect the maritime heritage of the city and of the building offering a renovation and transformation which proved difficult but was quite efficient in the end.

The bedrooms are placed at the ground level with a living area on the first floor that has a double height. The interior leaves the original timber beams exposed and the corrugated roof linings but combines them with new timber linings which according to the designer are reminiscent of being beneath an upturned boat.

The top level has an incision in the roof to provide a perfect view of the city skyline and its opposite shore which hosts the Harbor Bridge and the famous Opera House. The light penetrates the interior through the roof incisions and through the atrium while the materials inside, such as glass or polished concrete, further reflect it.



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