Lavazza by Studio Fabio Novembre

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Dec 2014 12:20 pm | Other

The Lavazza coffee manufacturer commissioned the Studio Fabio Novembre to design their stand at the Salone del Gusto located in Terra Madre, Italy where they unveiled the 2015 calendar with portraits of the African Slow Food Presidium producers taken by Steve McCurry.

The stand took its inspiration from the purpose of the calendar which wants to offer a glimpse into the African continent with the Earth Defenders protecting their land. The idea was to bring the visitors into a setting where aromas and images come together into a balanced setting with an open layout.

Warm tones, diverse textures and the name of the brand make the setting very cozy and if you still need a hint about the purpose of the place, a large coffee cup sculpture supporting the staircase will help you.

The designers explained that the project “anticipates the concepts of sociability and aroma which will be explored in a greater depth with ‘the smoking cup’ installation during Expo 2015 which sees Lavazza joining as the official coffee of Padiglione Italia”.


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