Lakeside Pavilion-Like House by RES4

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Dec 2013 5:56 pm | Homes

The RES4 (Resolution: 4 Architecture) architectural practice designed this residential project next to Lake Iosco in Bloomingdale, New Jersey as the second home of a young mother and her son, so that they can have a way of escaping the busy life of Manhattan.

The project spreads over two floors and has a simple rectangular geometry which makes it similar to a pavilion. To enjoy the wonderful view, the house is as close to the lake as was possible according to the regulations and there is a deck toward the east and west to ensure a lot of sun exposure during the day.

The house is also surrounded by trees to complete the natural environment and the interior is comprised of three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a study, playroom and a carport. The ground floor hosts the living area with the kitchen integrated to one side and the dining area on the other. The appliances were hidden under the countertop to allow an open and minimalist ambiance without reducing any functionality.



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