LA Winery by Kreatif Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Jan 2015 4:28 pm | Other

The LA Winery located in Torbali, Turkey was designed by the Kreatif Architects practice in a zone with vast vineyards at a distance of 40km from Izmir which has plenty of fertile agricultural lands as well as one of the most famous Aegean wine centers.

The winery has a facility that stands to the northwest of the side to permit an overview of the vineyards to the north and south. The building has two main purposes, namely the tasting area and the cellar for storage and each environment needed different conditions.

The tasting area needed sufficient sunlight, natural ventilation and a good view, while the cellar is the area where a controlled climate and less sun were the most important features, so it was placed below the ground.

The tasting area has glass floors to maintain a visual contact with the cellar and they also permit the observation of the raw fruit and end product.


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