La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science by Lyons

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Jul 2015 10:57 pm | Education

The La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science is located at the Bundoora campus of the La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia and was designed by the architectural practice of Lyons with a tessellated façade similar to the hexagonal structure of the molecules.

With a height of six levels, the entire building has hexagonal windows towards the front and the rear facades, some of them being extruded from the façade to provide an irregularity, while other windows are simply shaded with overhanging canopies.

The three lower floors host the student laboratories and the teaching rooms and also include several small terraces and lawns outside, while the research facilities are located on the top three floors and also include the administrative spaces, along with a conference room and a lounge for the staff.

The interior is as diversely colored as the exterior with blue and red frames on the windows, bright orange columns and banisters and lime green shades on the bridge.

The practice of Lyons designed several other university buildings such as a bioscience facility with a façade in the shape of an x or a building with brightly colored scales.



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