La Grande Vue 5A house in Cape Town

By : Mark V | 2 Jul 2015 3:50 pm | Homes

This stunning house is located in Cape Town, South Africa and it was designed by SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects) and OKHA Interiors. The Vue 5A house was built for a couple that decided to demolish their bachelor pad and build a family oriented place.

Carla & Stefan Antoni signed up for this project and the house that overlooks the sea is now a dual-level penthouse that offers a living area and a kitchen on the first level,it also has two en-suite bedrooms,the lower level offers the third bedroom and the garage and an apartment underneath.The roof has some surprises in stock: a swimming pool and a terrace and a SKY BAR perfect for throwing parties since it includes an entertainment area and a cocktail bar.

The pieces of furniture represent the vision of Adam Court of OKHA Interiors that used the space at its full potential –giving the home a luxurious aspect. Even if there is a touch of glamour,the house is filled with functional pieces of furniture like white-leather sofas or ethnic pieces that were purchased while traveling into exotic places.Other elements of décor that were used were David Reade glass pieces,pile rugs ,cashmere throws and stacked cubic frames.

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