Korea East-West Power Company Headquarters by Samoo Architects & Engineers

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Aug 2014 4:55 pm | Offices

The competition for the design of the headquarters of the Korea East-West Power Company was won by the practice of Samoo Architects & Engineers in 2011 with a project that centers around the theme of a synergy plant that offers a dynamic and sustainable workplace located in Ulsan, Korea.

The firm is specialized in electric energy generation and its headquarters are on a site which has a 14 meter topographical difference so the layout spread the facilities to create an open layout with easy access to all the main programs.

The elongated tower stands out with its glass walls and shading fins. This structure has a double wrapped atrium to the east, while the west opens with porches that ensure cross ventilation improving the overall sustainability of the project.

The entire design wants to offer a landmark and a portrayal of the company’s philosophy of producing ecologically aware programs with incorporated photovoltaic panels, geo-thermal heating, water recycling and passive illumination.



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