Kayak Club by Gril Kikelj Arhitekti

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Dec 2014 9:55 pm | Other

The Kayak Club in Celje, Slovenia was designed in 2011 by the practice of Gril Kikelj Arhitekti in a beautiful region near the Anski Vrh hill and the Savinja River, an ideal setting for kayaking.

The project began construction after the original club premise burned down and the new design can bring a contemporary approach to the purpose of the building. The main shelter has the roof shape inspired from an overturned boat and the ground plan resembles a kayak on the river bank with the end of the roof looking like a stern.

The club integrates with its environment through the glazed walls on the water side while the west and north parts are sheltering the multipurpose platform where the parking lot and boat preparation areas are located. The upper level is covered in larch wood panels and this is where the main activities of the club take place while the basement acts as a garage for boat storage since it can be evacuated with ease.


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