Kantana Film and Animation Institute by Bangkok Project Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jun 2015 2:27 pm | Education

The architectural practice of Bangkok Project Studio created this structure as the host of the Kantana Film and Animation Institute in Bangkok, Thailand, the home for the undergraduate college that wants to provide opportunities to the local talents to work with the largest film studio in the country.

The main architect for the project was Boonserm Permthada and his vision offered a structure that is quite distant from the modern design techniques and rather uses a traditional approach that provides a unique building that is itself a source of inspiration.

The structure has eight meter walls of handmade bricks (reaching over half a million in number) to provide a rich texture and put the building truly in touch with its location. There are orthogonal apertures in the wall to provide ventilation and also places for contemplation or reading and the structure is also supported by a steel structure to reduce the temperature inside.

There are five areas, the administration, lecture rooms, workshop, library and the canteen and all are connected through axial halls with vegetation inside to link the building even further with the natural environment.



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