K³ House by Juri Troy Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Sep 2016 2:42 pm | Homes

The practice of Juri Troy Architects renovated the K3 House in Lake Constance, Austria bringing it up to the contemporary standards and creating a delightful and welcoming home.

The original house was built during the 1960s and it was a single family residence which wanted to be transformed into a larger space, one that could hose a larger number of people comfortably. The living spaces were doubled and the garden surrounding the house was left unharmed.

Featuring a simple geometry what stands out are two parts protruding towards the outside as constructions made from wood and left hanging without any columns supporting them at a height of five meters above the rest.

The entire cover for the house is insulated and the silver firs close by also add some shade to ease the use of the modern installations for ventilation or heating, even if the space of the building doubled.

Now housing three families in a concentrated living environment, even if the area of Vorarlberg is far from crowded, acts as a statement for an alternative way of living compared to the usual one-family house.



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