Jones House by Reinhardt Jung

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Feb 2014 8:12 am | Homes

The Jones House is a residential project located in Oberselters, Germany and it received an additional extension of 69 square meters created by the Reinhardt Jung architectural practice to offer extra space for the four generations living inside it.

The original house was built in 1955 and the extension tries to bring together the other additions of the structure, with an extension created in 1986 and another addition in 2004, all of them inscribed in the old walls.

The addition contains several interconnected spaces on the ground floor hosting an open play room, two balconies, a lounge area, a dining room, a seating area, the living room where a double-sided fireplace takes its place, a workspace and a Zen patio.

The spaces have a complex integration between the old and the new layers trying to harmonize the various textures and materials with ornamental wallpaper in the living room or wooden formworks left visible in the concrete.



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