Jerusalem duplex by Studio Aiko

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Apr 2013 8:08 pm | Apartments

This luxurious duplex apartment was designed by the practice of Studio Aiko and was completed in 2012.

Located on the HaNevi’im Street in Jerusalem it is very close to the serene boulevard of Jaffa Road which leads to the Damascus Gate. The same serenity is transported inside the apartment with a predominantly white palette and with large glass walls inviting the natural light inside to illuminate and brighten the space.

The master bedroom also features a glass wall that presents a gorgeous view of the city and its surroundings, while the interior is furnished with neutral colors and a minimalist design aiming at comfort and relaxation rather than luxury.

The dining area is placed as a continuation of the living area to provide ample space for gatherings and the entire apartment is adorned with superb pieces of contemporary art which transform the minimalist design into an original and unique home.



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