Jeju Cocoon House by Planning Korea

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Oct 2014 3:04 pm | Homes

The Jeju Cocoon House located on the Jeju Island in South Korea, which is a UNESCO Heritage site, was designed by the architectural practice of Planning Korea with an aesthetic inspired from the volcanic land of the island and with a cocoon-like shape.

The project is in the Gotjawal Village which is the first phase of the Jeju Airest City that will feature a lot of resort facilities, a shopping mall, casino, hotel, medical center and new residential projects. The house has circular windows and the cocoon shape is in the center of the project, hosting a natural environment that tries to emulate the functionality of a cocoon as well as its shape, having circular windows that open or close according to the temperature and humidity outside.

The designers used eco-friendly materials from the island for a sustainable house and the two rooms to the left and right of the cocoon have different heights and angles to ensure different views of the surrounding landscape.

The project began construction in September 2012 and will be completed in 2015.

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