Italian Fashion Store by Alberto Apostoli

By : Mark V | 19 May 2015 12:56 am | Interiors, Stores / Showrooms

Alberto Apostoli Studio encountered some difficulties when designing the new fashion store from Eliseo. But nothing is impossible for the architects of Apostoli Studio, and.. they managed to create a store that attracts the eye and that represents the brand really well.

The architects said that the concept behind the project was mainly a blend between imagination and reason since they used creativity and rationality to refine forms, to define lights and colours for the store’s design.The men from Alberto Apostoli Studio used glass and metal squared shapes to define rationality.

The store is divided into three areas: menswear, ladies` wear and young fashion. The division was made using elliptic elements that rise from the floor to create the idea of ceilings. This was the creative touch. The retail spaces also make use of the LEDs that can be found along the main aisles of the store, this being the indirect light.

There are also back lit glass display cabinets and the display units in glass and metal seem to render the form of a honeycomb. The elliptic elements that create the fake ceiling have RGB lighting. The furniture and the decoration elements fit the concept of the architects. They also designed every piece of furniture found in the store.

The custom made glass display covers the brown wall, giving the impression that the wall itself is boxed in the glass. The till area has china cabinets and the design concerning all decoration elements is defined by a pearly white lacquered wood. Near the entrance another custom made element pops up. It’s a massive display table made entirely out of glass. It seems as if it’s illuminated from within its core.

The combination of creativity and rationality clashes within the elegant balance of colours. We have coffee and beige for the resin flooring ,the furniture and some parts of the flooring have a dove grey colour while bold red was used for some graphic details and for a very peculiar chair that was also made to represent the brand of Eliseo store.


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