Ingenious 45 square meter apartment in Sweden

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jul 2015 1:58 am | Apartments

This tiny apartment was completed in 2012 and it has a wonderful terrace toward the south offering an expansive view of the surroundings.

Although the loft has only 45 square meters of floor area it manages to provide a lot of functionality and comfort and it hosts a kitchen, a bedroom, stylish bathrooms and a lot of storage space. it living room has side windows to provide access to the terrace and there are sliding doors to the dining area offering the option of transforming the rooms into a single space.

The apartment manages to provide the entire functionality of a large space through a very ingenious distribution of space and the option of using white walls and a lot of skylights makes the rooms brighter and gives the illusion of more space.

The apartment is in a building with a distinctive 1950s architecture and it includes two bedrooms. All of its rooms have hydronic floor heating and there is a built-in sound system.



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