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By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Mar 2013 7:39 pm | Other, Urban

Located in Magreid, Italy, a place that is covered by vineyards and orchards and standing next to the Mendel Mountain, this urban structure offers a modern touch to a place that was a part of history even during the medieval or Renaissance period.

The urban construction policies in the region offered a stimulus to the new architecture in the area and also there was a desire to integrate the old structure with new designs. The bergmeisterwolf architecture team, composed of Gerd Bergmeister and Michaela Wolf, handled several projects in the area, such as the adaptation of the cellar vaults under the City Hall, or the construction of an underground.

The fire station they designed proved original and efficient through their proposal of building it inside a hill instead of on a cultivated area, and this idea also managed to be the most cost efficient one. The bedrock was cut ten meters wide and 6.5 meters in height using the NATM Austrian tunneling method and they connected the space with a smaller lateral trench.

The entrance is made from a framed reinforced concrete plate and it also serves as a protection for the slope apart from making the entire fire station more imposing and visible from a long distance. The interior includes two vehicle halls with an opening towards the exterior, the office spaces are on two floors and the command center is placed on the ground floor with a lecture hall above it.



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