The Imaginarium by Rem Koolhaas OMA

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jan 2014 5:52 pm | Other

This event space is called The Imaginarium and it was designed by Rem Koolhaas from OMA in the basement of the Selfridges department store in London, UK.

The project features a circular amphitheater in the center with a monochrome floor and green columns surrounding it. The Imaginarium was designed as a space where several lectures, debates and other activities can take place during the Festival of Imagination that will be held here during the next six weeks.

The sections of the amphitheater are built on wheels to increase their flexibility, making the space easily adaptable for various events and the entire space can hold up to 72 persons with a mobile stage being easy to integrate as well.

The seating area is clad in translucent polycarbonate and there are fluorescent lighting tubes in it to act as a secondary source of illumination. Aside from the main seating area there are cube-shaped stools which can be easily reconfigured and the green columns are used to overlay a background during the news and weather reports on the TV.



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