Hydro-electric Powerstation by becker architekten

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Apr 2013 1:27 pm | Infrastructure, Urban

Replacing the old hydro-electric power station on the Iller River’s left bank is a new one that was designed by the practice of becker architekten in 2010. Located on Keselstrasse 14 in Kempten, Germany, the new building supports 3000 households with a power of 10.5 million kilowatts per hour and it is environmentally friendly.

The design focused on the symbolic significance of water and its movement that produces electricity and then returns to a calm state again. With this concept in mind, the design tried to link the limit points machine room with a continuous wrapping diving under the steel framework of the anterior building and its bridge. The space thus created can be reminiscent of plenty of things such as a river stone or a frozen wave and each observer imagines something different.

The technical notches were reduced when possible to provide a homogenous appearance and the curved concrete nape tries to offer multiple reflections along with the rough planks inside and the gravel inlets on the exterior surface.

Even if the project is of gigantic proportions, the construction manages to fit into the surroundings and also having its own identity and character.



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