Hyde Park apartment by Intarya

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Dec 2013 6:54 pm | Apartments

The Hyde Park apartment is a project designed by the Intarya design studio in 2012 and it is located in Hyde Park, London, England.

The loft is the home of a young professional and its design is contemporary and luxurious, offering a youthful feeling. The designers focused on the loft’s functionality, so each piece of furniture was chosen to offer comfort and to create a stylish overall ambiance.

The wardrobe doors were clad in soft grey leather and this creates a contrast to the wallpaper tone, while the bedroom area combines a vintage tone with the entertaining black and white photographs from the sexy Playboy era along with a three arm wall light on one side to complete the cosmopolitan aesthetic.

Next to the bed the designers added a lacquered table with open shelving on one of its sides and a large desk on the other to create a home office area or a dressing table.



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