Hybrid Hut by Rojkind Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Feb 2015 8:37 am | Other

The Warming Huts project is a competition that challenges the emerging architectural practices to design temporary structures along the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg, Canada and the 2015 edition invited the practice of Rojkind Arquitectos to create the Hybrid Hut which is a complex timber structure for skaters and passersby.

The interior offers a shelter and some warmth for the passers-by and the trail of structures continues to a pop-up restaurant called Raw:Almond as well as an art gallery on ide created by Chris and Kine artist collective.

The hybrids were created with the aid of computer design as well as traditional craftsmanship in an examination of the role contemporary design takes at the expense of the older artisans and trades. The design is thus hybrid through the way in which it explores the way in which new processes can be learned by an accomplished worker through modern technology and the adaptation an architect has to make with the new digital tools available.


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