HSB office by pS Arkitektur

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Oct 2013 5:32 pm | Offices

The studio of pS Arkitektur designed this office building in Stockholm, Sweden with a rich and tasteful aesthetic for the HSB housing association with the initials coming from “the savings and construction association of the tenants”.

The association has over 420 employees and the work environment they recently renovated offers a spacious workplace that is functional both when working alone and when having group meetings. The colorful interior has a lot of comfortable places where you can sit, reminding us of a lounge since there aren’t any typical offices but rather various chairs and couches with pillows ranging from yellow, to blue or purple.

The gathering space is the central atrium and the sun comes in through the skylight to provide natural light for the greenery in the center. The meeting areas are modern and their aesthetic tries to step away from the typical concrete box and uses a turquoise carpet and padded wire chairs to combine functionality with beauty.



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